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Welcome to the website of the HRP Heinze Academy

The HRP Heinze Academy organizes individual and open lectures and seminars on topics in the areas of Health and Safety Culture, as well as Values and Life Culture. Our aim is to impart codes of values and other behaviour paradigms as a power source for personal and entrepreneurial fulfillment.

In our sessions we teach people about the insights and the know-how necessary for producing change in thought and behaviour patterns – and therefore also in the corporate culture. 

HRP Heinze Academy

  • Training sessions for the development of personal and leadership skills
  • Organization of individual or open lectures, seminars, as well as conferences and symposiums
  • Topics covered: Health and Safety Culture, Values and Life Culture

Our goal:

  • Protect and maintain human work capacity

Leadership Culture Seminars

Enlarge your leadership competencies and benefit from numerous inputs for your everyday working environment.  Our topics range from vision and leadership development, to employee coaching, to dealing with psychological stress at the work place.

Life Culture Seminars

The HRP Heinze Academy seminars will also help you to grow on a personal level: we impart knowledge on many topics relevant to everyday life, such as: Value Culture – Which values determine my daily life; or: Work Culture – How do I avoid burnout …

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